carp in pont with little water

In Las Vrissas the new LIMA arises form the dirt. The people use the sand to make bricks as buidlingmaterial and later make their living- and playspaces. The pace of this process is very, very fast...

Space for game and play in Las Vrissas, Huacipa.

family walking

campaigning on saturday 9 feb, parque Raimondi, Barranco

actiBICImo, parque Kennedy, Miraflores, 7 feb. 700 people on bikes reclaim the streets of Miraflores. These two people are the main inspiration and organising force. The Cars and busses stop, we wave and whistle. At once, Lima is great for biking!

shadowmaking in a little park in Barranco.

Festive presentation of the program of the cultural year in the Brazilian embassy. Here our Guiseppe Bernardi of Tupac with Minister of culture and singer Susana Baca.

We are Guest teachers at Catholic University of Lima.

Street dance act by young boys: here a backward flip in womens dress, on the sidewalk in China Town, Lima.

Cop says: NO! STREET! DANCE!

Big open air office outside the Home Department. Claims can be prepared and put to paper at the spot for a little fee.

the mysterious waist management of Lima: selection takes place at night..

ASIA by day: to the right, invasiones, land claims by squatters.

ASIA by day: to the left, for the already settled consumer.

ASIA boulevard by night: natural habitat for the homo economicus. This zone called ' Boulevard' is very unique to us. It combines the best of an openair entertainment district with a car-show, openair electronic shops from brands like Samsung, fastfood/ retail concepts, and...... hard liquor because it is also one big conceptual place to go crazy. So, there is no ' public space', there is only being a customer, which means drinking at night with friends and hanging inbetween BMW's that are on display. Very unique.....

product placement: Baileys

product Placement: giant Samsung Phone

product Placement BOSCH

product placement AUDI

describing what and how much. Little friend ekkeko agrees!


MALI art fair, Asia. Art and artesanal object are being sold for Big art auction for the benefit of the Museum Of Modern Art Lima. Rough estimate of the amount sold: 150.000 dollar.