work and results

A taste of the kind of results we created together with local people. Both professionals and citizens.

  • Moengo, Suriname 2015

    Installation: "But the sky belongs to everyone".
    A multidiscplinary work in collaboration with the Suriname artist Kurt Nahar.
    The work is about the 100 year history of the American mining company Suralco that founded the town and is now about to leave.

  • Pikin Slee, Suriname 2015

    Together with the Federation of Artists Surinam (FVAS) an exchange was made between crafts people in Pikin Slee and artist in Paramaribo. Pikin Slee is a Marron village in the interior of Suriname. The population are descendends from runaway slaves. We worked with men that do woodcutting and have organised themselves in Totom Boti. The workshop was concentrated on drawing and sculpting portraits.

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    Women have a sewing, embroidery and calebash-cutting group called Fiti A Wan. With them souvenirs and a specific brand name were developed. In order to help them make some money. Also with the Calebash group some new designs were made.

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  • Moengo, Suriname 2014

    Moengo Magic Memorial

    As an artwork in the public pace we placed the 10 meters high Moengo Magic Memorial near the highway on the turn to Moengo. It serves as a landmark as well as a public space. When coming or going or passing Moengo you see the big M appearing.

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    Centennial Wall

    The centennial wall is a 100 meter long wall next to the football field. It was dilapitated but now tells the history of the company town, created in 1916 by Alcoa. Moengo has no markers that tell the history of the now almost a century old town. The story coincides with the story of Surinam as a colony and as a new republic. It also links directly to geopolitics.

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    Moengo Magic Souvenirs

    As the main source of income, mining, is disappearing it is time to find other funds. Tourism could be one of them. We developed new souvenirs that relate back to old designs and techniques.

  • Teaching

    During the residency in we taught art to the young in Tembe Art Studio as well as in the villages surrounding Moengo.

  • Lima 2013

    In Lima we came across a fascinating native tradition in self organisation. Stemming from the times of Inca there are clear terms what and how to do collective tasks. These terms we translated to drawings so that also non natives could understand them.

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    Collectivo Cebra:
    As a result of the workshop public space we did in center of the arts Tupac a mullti disciplinary group formed. They decided to try to make public space more enjoyable by emancipating the pedestrian. After a ong process that entailed designing but also getting planning permission Art cebra's were the result. And media attention and public support.

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    Paso a Paso
    In collaboration with th municipality of Lima a public space project was done in the self developed settlements high up the mountains. A path of stepping stones was created where each self made tile told the story of the inhabitant.

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    Si to No
    Our art and actions ar political. Participation in the campaign to keep leftwing mayor Susana Villarán on her post.

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    Invasion Civica.
    To stop the appropriation of public space by a local bussiness man we create a new type of public event: the Invasion Civica. A festive invasion and occupation of the claimed space. This generated a lot of media attention and had political action as a result.