Interview in national paper AMIGOE about our art and praxis.

headline above article: The people's art.

A very nice interview and look in our 'kitchen'.

Public talk by Bart & Klaar at opcoming artistrun space Uniarte in Punda.

Uniarte hosted an evening with us just before we took off to Amsterdam. The format was an artisttalk as a reflection about our IBB residency and a public dialoque about our content.

It was a special evening, the beamer that was arranged broke down and left us doing what we are good at: Improvise! With no PPT but full of fire we led the audience have a taste of our spicy topics and perspectives. After our show we had a good interaction with the participating members of the audience. As a wonderfull thankyou gift present students of IBB gave us a book sharing their view/ opinion about us and our collaboration process with the student community. It felt heartwarming and gave us inspiration to come back!

what a knockout!!


Artist Talk Uniarte

And another newspaper "EXTRA" on the public talk at Uniarte.

This time in a Papiamentu Newspaper on the island, good impressions of the evening.The T-shirt Bart is wearing says: Mbei Koni an Moni- saramacaan for Make Knowledge,  not money.


26.01.2016 20:47

Carlos Weeber

Wij hebben grote waardering voor jullie inzet en enthousiasme. Wat ik intrigerend vind is de idee dat jullie hier kunst voor het volk maken.