Selforganising neigbours make this neglected private buildingsite temporarily part of the public domain, to be a little green park.

On the last day we are invited by our host Giuseppe (Tupac) to go together to Museo Larco. He has been telling about this place and when we arrive we undertand why. A very good and well informed guide Vanessa, takes us on a tour. She does something very interseting by avoiding talking only about the beautiful unique object but making a context and pointing out a broader perspective. The objects become actors in a big storie and sometimes functions like a hinge in time. It opens our eyes!

44.000 pots in a private collection. Museo Larco is a very concentrated museum with a vast and most interesting collection of cultural heritage of Peru. Really mindblowing!

Astonishing work in Museo Larco. The symbolism in the works and the craft is far out!