IBB final presentation

Sketch of the Procession

  • Reception in Esmeralda

In the newly acquired exhibition building next to IBB, Esmeralda, we will have our final presentation.
We will show an allegory on Curacao as the result of their residency. The allegory is based on their meetings with citizens, visitors and experts of Curacao. As well on their own research and news events. The result is in every way a collaborative work, executed and performed by the students of IBB.
In the residency learning from each other has been most important. Students will show and tell about their participation in the project and give guided tours.

The installation will be carried first as a procession in the centre of Willemstad, from fort Zeelandia to the Brionplein.

one minute sculpture movie

Part of the exhibition wil be a movie of the one minute sculptures we shot yesterday in Punda. 20 students performed their interpretation of the Erwin Wurm one minute sculptures. Camerawork was done by filmmaker Sharelly Emanuelson.