like the Moengonese say: Good looks that last.

Great flexible workspace, local franchise of seats2meet.
with powersupply (110V) first check your mac. No wireless internet though....

first we were scared but it appeared to be our gardener!

A Meeting with mister Ermond from the Ministry of agriculture. We talked about the future of farming in contemporary Suriname and more specific about Moengo. It is an area built up by an american company from 1916 for the sole purpose of mining bauxite. Today there is no mining-activity anymore so a drastic change is needed for the survival of the local community. How to work on change in a big way but on a personal scale. The ministry is investigating a local version of 'urban farming'.

A local dwelling seen from the bus towards Moengo.

We have had the opportunity to get a wonderful introduction to the complex history of the state of Suriname by social scientist and son of the first President of Suriname in 1975, mister Derryck Ferier (Photo of father in the background). Thanks to the journalist John Jansen van Galen we got in contact with mister Ferrier and it was a privilege to get such a deep and thorough view on the developments in the past but also the current political situation of great contrasts. A very wise and and involved man. A true free thinker!

Derryck legt ons hier het ontbreken van ordening uit in de marrondorpen.

fenced Happiness.

Taki Na Basi!

zonder titel.

Paramaribo heeft ook echt kenmerken van een stad. Drugs en overlast, vervallen huizen en veel leegstand. We gaan ook moeite doen in die stad rond te lopen en betreden ook enkele van vele lege gebouwen, vaak onderdak van zwervers en vrijbuiters. Eng en mooi.

...nog een spookhuis vlakbij de palmentuin.

Local heroes.

De Palmentuin in Paramribo, ooit heilige grond van vroege settelments. Nu geeft het ons de introductie van een voor ons nieuw fenomeen, de rijtjes-palm.