Bart and Klaar according to mister Oliver R. and mister Kijente, young talents of the local community of Moengo.

  • who?

    We are two visual artist with a background in contemporary art and architecture from Amsterdam. We work site-specific and currently we are back in Lima, Peru.
    We collaborate in Workshops hosted on different universities and we will also lecture at Bellas Artes, the Art Acedemy of Lima about our work and attitude.

  • what

    We operate as explorers and conduct research on numerous topics, concering politics/ the public sphere, Tourism, culture and self-governance. You can give directions/ questions from your perspective and we'll get in to that. Mail questions and comments to keep us fresh!!
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29. aug, 2015

geniale anarchie

Een geweldig boek van Boeli van Leeuwen.

23. aug, 2015

Back in Moengo- back home

In august we were working in Moengo, again.
Some results of this undertaking are yet to be discribed.
Here' s the first entry on our activities and experience.

18. jun, 2015

IJ oever, zondag NDSM Battleground

Coming sunday we'll host an event with the theme, NDSM Battleground.
Come and check it out!
for more info look also at:

9. jun, 2015

Curacao preparation

because of our future work on the tropical island curacao we are exploring different current topics. Also the topic of gentrification (or appropiation) of a working-class quarter. read the article about this process...

5. mei, 2015

Pikin Slee project succesvol afgerond

Our latest endeavour was a joint project with the FVAS (federation of visual artist of suriname) that was a cultural exchange between a local craft community from the jungle in the heartland of Suriname and contemporary artist from the city. Some newspaper articles explaining this cooperation.

8. mrt, 2015

Stelling visists one of the last big squats in Amsterdam

Our installation is currently being present at a crucial moment for a squat in the citycentre of Amsterdam. The snake building in the Spuistraat 199 near Damsquare.
The theme is a tradition of resistance....

30. dec, 2014

happy newyear

8. dec, 2014

13 th of december, come at our Viewing

invitation to come see our public complex work.

12. okt, 2014

New work/ new complex public sculpture

We show some new work. To be seen in a show coming up!

30. aug, 2014

socratic platform- a social sculpture

Our newest work is finished: The socratic platform.

22. aug, 2014

news: Bart in the ChinaTimes

nice article on Bart (as an artist) telling the story on the experience of NDSM. How artist are used to make rundown city area more livable and later being pushed out by higher square meter prices. We call this phenomena: state-run gentrification.

26. mei, 2014

images of Moengo works

New images of the community work we did in Moengo.
A large Mural dealing with history, politics and sense of place.

4. mei, 2014

photo' s of the workshop

Today we have hosted a workshop: El Pueblo es el planner 3. It was a veru good day of work and critical thought. Here are some images of the participants and a result.

25. apr, 2014

news on our Lima adventures

We are very busy working in Lima. We have a three week work period and it is really intense. Here are some of the themes and updates.

19. apr, 2014

on Youtube: Bart on creativity

interview on creativity and citymaking

19. apr, 2014

good website on Urbanism

In the inspirational links we have collected some interesting articles/ entries/ subjects on Urbanism- contemporary art, identity and culture. Find a nice article on the activities of burospelen in Lima

18. apr, 2014

closing event

Last week we have had our closing event in Moengo.
We have had an amazing experience working with contemporary art in a troubeling area.

18. apr, 2014
22. mrt, 2014

today in Newspaper

Today we were in the national newspaper of Suriname.
We got a lot of responses right away,....

17. mrt, 2014

new developments....

Follow new developments on our sculpture for Marrowijne Art Park.
Our contribution is under construction and will be located at the intersection of Moengo. Our focus is Tourism and souvenirs.

15. mrt, 2014

article on Marroon Culture

Inspirational link to a very good site on Marroon Culture by the scientific couple the Prices. very inspirational.

3. mrt, 2014

Teaching is good!

New results and images of the lessons we teach in TAS and the surrounding villages.

23. feb, 2014

link to inspirational background information

Digital link about contemporary Marroon culture in the capital.

22. feb, 2014

Teaching and drawing classes.

Our update with results on our teaching with children and youngsters.
Ages go from 5 until 17 years old.

26. jan, 2014

Moengo, here we are

The first days we are happy to accustom to the place and our residence.
With our 'fresh' eyes we dive into the local affairs. We try to meet as much people that are involved in the local community.

18. jan, 2014

back in Town

We are back in Paramaribo, to conduct research/ have interviews on the topic of the independent position in contemporary Suriname culture. Coming week we travel off to Moengo.

22. dec, 2013

New adventures in South America

Read about a reflection on 2013 and our new challenge coming up in Moengo, Suriname.

28. sep, 2013

29th of september

Again we will have a public meeting/ lecture in our studio about our work in Lima.
topics are: How to reclaim what should be public but is not anymore....
Show your nose at 3 pm at NDSM Amsterdam.

23. jun, 2013

29 th of june, our Lima presentation

We give our presentation of our findings in Lima in our studio on the NDSM wharf. Saturday 29th of june 15.00 hrs. contact for details:

23. jun, 2013

Day of architecture and project Entanglements

Our work of course continues. Read how we try to incorporate what we have learned..

18. mei, 2013

Back in Amsterdam we continue the work on a plan about REthinking Public space in Lima.

Back in europe where the sun don't shine. Arriving yesterday in Hollanda it was raining and quite cold. And everything is so organised, the first days we have to get used to it again... The (happy) chaos of Lima, the friends we met in our work and the level of selforganisation has changed us, somehow. We will work on a proposal with the municipality that deals with a new active citizenship and REthinking the public space.

8. mei, 2013

Learning by Doing.

Up to now it has been a great inspiring and thought provoking residency. It feels strange that it is coming to a close. The last weeks we will be concentrating on the projects in the public space we have started like the CEBRA, Invasion Civica, the work in the barrios, PASO a PASO and a citizengroup around the street in Barranco, Pedro de Osma. We have done crazy interventions including confrontations with police, about who is in charge in the public domain. With reason and good arguments we have persuaded the local authorities many times that public space is for, from and about the people. Politics at streetlevel, with law-enforcement that behaves like they are in power... there is much work to be done. Not with fists but with the collective brain.
We will host a few public events in the last week about 'REthinking publicspace and a final workshop and lecture, like an openstudio as a closure on Monday 13th of may at 7.30 PM at Casa Tupac in Barranco.
Let's reThink public space- residents becoming... Citizens.


12.03.2014 09:05

karen joachim

interessant dat in Moengo nog een matriachale cultuur is. ik weet niet eens hoe je dat woord moet schrijven. Zover is dat bij ons "westers" denken weg.

14.07.2013 21:12

Alfredo Tovar

Hello, are you still living in Lima? It could be interesting to have interventions in downtown around Lima Municipal Theather where i work. I´ll write you soon

17.05.2013 12:31

Northon Flores Troche

It is very interesting, what you are doing there, I would like to contact you when you rturn to Amsterdam.

11.05.2013 05:11


Los vamos a extrañar!!!!

10.05.2013 18:22


Thank´s for everything!!....

04.05.2013 00:47


You are doing a great job.....congratulations!

10.05.2013 17:47

Giuseppe De Bernardi

Es increíble todo lo que vienen haciendo para Lima y la comunidad de Barranco. Ya quedan pocos días antes de su partida. ¡Gracias! ¡Los vamos a extrañar!

02.05.2013 18:38

Johan Leestemaker

Zet 'm op! XXX

26.03.2013 15:10

Sigrid Burg

Ik lees met plezier jullie blogs. Keep up the good work en blijf zolang je kunt.
x Sigrid

19.03.2013 20:17

Evelien Isabella de jong

Don't like, me no like, jullie blijven in Lima? O O O
Felicidades! Jammer dat we jullie hier moeten missen, goed dat jullie daar zoveel goeds kunnen doen! X

07.03.2013 10:37

Bram de Waard

Met al die ervaringen kunnen jullie jaren vooruit. Ben benieuwd hoe het voor jullie is om weer "thuis" te komen met de neerslag van deze intensieve maanden in je bagage.
Tot dan: Bram