State-tools: a smiling Watercanon!

the susana effect: wherever mayor Susana Villarán appears people hug and hold her.

Our host, Pedro Pablo Alayza Tijero , gerente de Cultura de Lima, (director of culture of Lima) is also affected.

park in Villa El Salvador. The department of culture stimulates and enables the partaking in culture in every neighbourhood. The program is called Cultura Viva and is presented in local parks.

Villa El Salvador, new town from the 80-ies. Started out as a squat but became a good example for self organised city planning.

'No' to the Revocatorio in the neighbourhood of Barranco. The actions are selforganised. The Barranco group also made a great NO song! remember: NO means Yes to Susana.

Live stream portfolio presentation. 280 viewers.

We try to meet a lot of cultural, political and social opinionmakers, At cafe Haiti in Miraflores we meet Jorge Villacorta. scientist and curator. He right a way is a brother in arms.

shirt of the day


dog going home

radio interview on Filharmonica, a radio station on Pedro de Osma. Guiseppe explains about Tupacs residency program and Klaar anounces the workshop and what it is about.(Yes, in castellano). Date: 6 feb, 9.00-16.00 in TUPAC.

small fortuneteller hands over 'big changes are coming'
Guiseppe tells us that he hasn't seen one in a long time. The guys that used to dit were really old. This one is new, he hasn't got it completely right yet. There should be a little more magic...

"Writes your letters, cards and legal requests."

In Lima bikelanes are popular. In the new areas the make seperate lanes for slow traffic, untill..... its busy on the beach.

Lima is situated next to the pacific ocean. There are some good beaches very closeby. sometimes commercial developers eat up the beach, like here. It is a rule that there shoot be an overpath of like 50 meteres. Sometimes not....

right after the exhibition TERREMOTO the departement of disasters is very active. Right away there are signs where to go in case of a Tsunami.

Gasman reading paper

our first action meeting with the comitee say NO for Susana Villarán".

It never rains, no raingutters, no drainpipes, flatroofs and no sewage system in the streets, sometimes people have flatscreen television outside.

Gentrification in Barranco: luxerious appartements replacing the old real-estate. Very fancy- very boring

streets are organised in a grid like pattern, in the night it is easy to miss one turn and to end up in the wrong neigbourhood.

Peru: home of the papa.

NO means <yes. we want an open, democratic and healty society.

Little cabin for a 'Watchiman' (security man).
protection is a big thing in Lima. We have not seen so many cages that people choose to live in. Even cars sleep at night in their own cage. From poor to rich, everybody takes defensive measures at home. Glass and spikey metal on the walls, dogs to guard, making mini gated communities.

Siësta is not so common here, but just lying around will do....

Chorrillos puts its self on the map because of the rally Paris-Dakar. the white paint will never go, because there is no rain.

Barranco, Avenida de Osma is a very beautiful street surrounded by very old trees. Because of a traffic conversion it is now very very crowded and the trees are a problem.
The residents protested so the trees were eventually not cut. They are still in the dangerzone.

first glimse of Lima, outside our apartment.

We were picked up on the airport. Over the phone the name 'Klaar van der Lippe' was no option.

madrid metro Barajas T4 aeropuerto

Mercado La Latina Madrid: Also pay in PESETA' S.