coming sunday we will host an afternoon of Tour and Talk on the topic of NDSM #5 Battleground. come and participate: location is our studio in X Helling.

"Putin will teach you how to love your motherland"
coming thursday iĺl host a dialogue about activism and art.

2014- New adventures on South American soil....

New adventures ahead!

First Lima, Now Moengo and then perhaps Lima again.


It is time to reflect upon our year and things we have accomplished. We have had one of our best residencies in Lima at Casa Tupac in Barranco. We were investigating self organizing principles in Lima about how the informal city keeps expanding without permission, plan or any regulation by government . We cooperated with a experimental team (Barrio Mio) with young architects and sociologists in Comas. It was very good to work and DO something in the shantytowns instead of only talking about it from a distance. But we went further... We found ancient ideas from Inca times about cooperative/ selforganizing work, see link:

We worked with these new principles (Faena, Minka, Ayni, etc.) and brought them back to Amsterdam. We have conducted workshops in Holland about how to make room for initiative and new social contracts. In Lima our most interactive and energizing cooperationas were a series of workshops called: El pueblo es el planner. We have met many people and started new things on current political topics, like the privatization of public space, different concepts of citizenship and collaborative ways of working. We thank Artist/ director from Tupac Giuseppe de Benardi (and Family) for his hospitality and trust. This coming year we go back to Lima visit our friends to catch up....



We will work again from Latin America on a new project. We applied for a new residency at the Mondrian Fund for a new project in a diffrent region in South America. They granted us a new opportunity. We are going to work in Suriname and are going to look into traditional and contemporary Marron culture and how it survives in the city and country side.

In december we have been to Suriname to meet up with artist Marcel Pinas. He has initiated TAS ( and a sculpturepark in Moengo. International artist are invited (with support by the Mondrian Fund) to live in Moengo, to visit indigenous villages and learn from the people/ work together with youth and to contribute a work of art to the park which is the public space of the town of Moengo.

Our one week visit in the middle of december was also our first visit and introduction to Suriname, to meet mister Pinas, to explore the area, to meet the inhabitants and talk about the current topics. It was a very good and intensive/ condensed week. The land is absolutely beautiful and the people are very friendly. We are very excited about the possibilities and will share our steps/ thoughts/ developments again with you.

We are very thankfull to the Mondrian Fund and mister Pinas for creating this opportunity.

After Moengo we will visit some more remote villages. When we find the time we will catch up with our friends in Lima (Peru) again. We schedule a few lectures on two universities and perhaps a new workshop at Tupac. Always work to do....


Think peace for 2014.


Klaar and Bart, Amsterdam 2nd of januari 2014

freezone planning

Our studio is located on a former shipyard. The place has become very well known in Amsterdam for its qualities as a freezone. So popular thaat some years ago the official development has begun. The so called gentrificvation process. We are now in the last years of freedom and try to use them the best we can. See the link below.

architecture, city planning and social capital

Inspired by our visit to Lima we have continued our research into concepts for living. With Casla, center for architecture in Amere,  we have made a contribution for the day of architecture. It's called building for living. WONEN OM TE LEVEN

With CASCo, center for arts , we are investigating the role of social capital in public space.

Results can be followed here:

(we are the green dots) 

mapping public space in Leidsche Rijn


20.05.2014 11:19

Lady of Trash

AUB,neem gauw contact op met mij, betrefft mijn concept: Nola Huis Brokopondo en AIR Moengo en de financering ervan. waar vind ik jullie contactadress? Kirst

20.05.2014 15:17

goed je gauw te spreken, ik heb jouw email even niet bij de hand.
groet bart