So, if you want to look like a true Latina girl, you best go to Gamarra to buy the outfit. It's the district that we have been to in the first week. Street fashion for a cool look.

High up in the north of Lima we were climbing the mountain. Everything is dust and rock. No soft places for resting or relaxing untill..... we came across this corner. Fresh lucious green, flowers, plants... a little oasis. It even had a name... The corner of LOVE.

In this photo all the former presidents of Peru are in jail. They seem to have a good time together, behind bars. From the lefthandside is Mr. Fujimori, Mr. Toledo, Mr. Belaunde and Mr Garcia.

As tourists we take a guided tour in cityhall. One of the features is to sit in the chair of the major Susanna. It is her policy as a symbolic gesture that it is all open to the public. In the background a painting of the founder of Lima, Pizarro.

The municipality is running a program called Barrio Mio. We visit some of the projects in de outskirts of Lima. They make a spatial study with and for the citizens that live in the mountains in the so called Barriada' s or Asentamentos Humanas (human settelments). The proces of squatting land and putting informals dwellings and structures all hand made by the people themselves. Barrio Mio studies to understand and to improve the living conditions in these complicated environments.

Recent mural on a building of the faculty of Engineers on the compound of UNI (public) university, in the north of Lima. The scientist are hovering above reality, working from the clouds. It is a portrait of the profession but look at the confusing perpectives and scales.

in the historic ciycenter one can find all kind of characters in the street. They are the beggers with theatrical outfits. People believe the act and give money. This one has bandages on both his hands and a bell. Going back to medieval times...

More and more we see bicycles adapted with little engines. A DIY kit costs about 600 soles (200 euros) and it will make you bike twice as fast... unfortunatly it is stinky and noisy.

demonstration for the NO in Barranco.
Voting for the Revocatoria is the coming week. The outcome is absolutely not sure yet....

2013 Naked Peruvian cyclists protest for bike-friendly streets

nude bike ride 2012. Nude bike ride 2013 took place last saturday.

The cuy says: Peru feels like having......
We feel like having cuy..

Interesting and inspiring meeting with the ambassador Arjan Hamburger and attaché Ellen Roof on the Dutch Embassy in Lima.

We ran in to tv RPP presenter Raúl Vargas

l'Arcomar, The 'koopgoot' of Lima

playing with the net

making the net, an interactive intervention in the public space of Miraflores.

cleaning the beach of plastic

beachfront Playa San Augustin

On the Plaza San Martin this speaker explains why the revocatoria can only lead to enforcing the powers behind the screens. An attentive audience listens to him every word.

speakers corner Plaza San Martin