Colectivo Cebra in the limenean NEWS

This is the best! Publicity on awareness and artistic intervention in the street of Lima.
Our recidency and cooperative workshops with the group and Casa TUPAC has had great results... Jose Antonio is the perfect spokeman, Check it out!

Update on activities in LIMA after we moved on towards other projects. Several things have happened and a stron group of people is making more interventions with focus and strong energy. The whole purpose of our workshops 'El Pueblo es el Planner' is that the selfdirecting groups kept on working and developing new works and initiatives without us. So they really did this and we are proud. Here are some of their recent results...

Fantastic results of: El Pueblo es el planner.... safeguarded by the police, the group in action in Barranco....
It makes us smile in Amsterdam!!

Claudio, Issy and Natalia in action with the police as a guard!!


Reclaiming the streets full of dedication. We are astonished of what the colectivo Cebra pulled off after we left.... very good work guys!!!