Maroon dance

Tresna Pinas has a traditional maroon dance group with some 40 Moengo youth. This is a little taste of the intensity and fervour with whisch they dance...

Snippet of Village Life

Beautiful and peaceful. Bit like a permanent holiday camp...

more minutes

Some more samples  of our everyday life in Moengo! Enjoy!

Sunday bloody Sunday

This how the Moengo boys do it: killing an afternoon. Brings back memories!


Safety first. Important and practical tips from Surinam police.

happy travelling

The bus from Paramaribo with mr Artur. He is a magician, juggling special request for paquet haul and delivery, food and drinks stops, musical request and people with a special temprament. He has a joke and a smile for everybody. And if the trip takes a little longer, nobody really cares... Everybody is delivered at their doorstep.


During the night we the sound of the apinti drums is heard all over Moengo.Part of the marroon traditions surrounding death. It is the night before the burial of a Moengo citizen that was killed last week. Next week, eight days after the burail aitideis is celebrated. After six weeks sixi wiki follows.Deah is not a single event, it is part of a series of special conmemorations.

happy birthday in sranantongo!

We overheard something familiar but with a twist: la- langtalebi.
we say: hiep, hiep hoelalalala!


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Supercool, ik zit thuis op de bank met jullie woorden en beelden en voel me heel erg thuis :)