New and happening

8. aug, 2016

Good energy during Caribbean Carnival

Our first images of the project with IBB in Kunsthal Rotterdam.
A collaborative design and work process to encounter the Rotterdam Summercarnival with contemporary art. Check it out.....

4. jun, 2016

Tonight grandopening of ALL you can Art

Currently we are working in Rotterdam to initiate and produce the interactive design workshops to create an Xtra large artwork on wheels, to be part of the carribean summercarnival in Rotterdam end of July. Tonight is the openingnight of this energetic group show, celebrating 10 years of IBB in kunsthal Rotterdam.

14. mei, 2016

Masterclass on Urban protest!!

Come and join this free course on how to demonstrate effectively.

2. mei, 2016

We want the city/ Wij willen de stad

Eind mei is er een actieweekend in het centrum van Amsterdam.
Wij strijden voor een betaalbare en tolerante stad.
De stad is geen bedrijf/ geef haar terug!
End of may there wil be an Actionweekend in and about the citycentre of Amsterdam. we will protest against the neoliberal tendencies of the citycouncil. We will strive for a liveable FAIR city.
Check it out on the website!!

10. nov, 2015

Children of the island: Yu di Kórsou

To belong, to be a guest or even a unwanted stranger. Identity and nationality are tricky concepts in modern day society. Read more on how they deal with them at Curaçao...

4. nov, 2015

one minute of you time

Look at the one minute sculptures, a concept launched by artist Erwin Wurm in 1994, re-made and made new by the IBB students. Definitely worth your time!

25. okt, 2015

pirate or privateer

What a place is, is closely connected to what is was meant to be. Curacao is only recently a country. It was a trading post privately governed by a company called the West India Company. Does this still show?

21. okt, 2015

hub or prison?

If an island not a hub it is a prison...We look into the complexities of this island.

15. okt, 2015

Seminar IBB Curacao on public space

Right now the seminar for students of art institute I.B.B. and guests is in full swing. The seminar is on 'we, Curacao" and introduces the students to public space as a place for expression of collectivity.