CENTERFOLD, in newspaper Express 21 dec. 2015

FRONT PAGE- headlines!

Our cultural procession made it to the front page of two newspapers. We are seen on TV and heard on the radio! Very good to have contemporary ART present in mainstream media.

Very excited and good for the future of our art students!


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  • amigoe 16 december

  • Take care of the fever..

    Good warning in Sambil mall Be carefull with the fever, the spinning around of the car. A popular way to celebrate the holidays with men under 30 with plenty of cash. The heat of the burning rubber can set your car on fire!

  • The future is present..

    Many good wishes from Sambil! The future of Curacao is in all of us! And it looks like a festive one. Not too busy though.

  • Fathers Xmas

    plenty of Santas to bo seen. Some even at the same time.

  • Traditional: ISLA

    The traditional light sculpture at the ISLA depicts Noah's Ark. It comes with a message. This year: Nos Kompromiso ta garantia pa futuro. 'Our promise to garanty a future'. Is this open to interpretation? Is it a promise to stay open, or is it a general advise: you are the future.. No! According to the spokesperson it is a promise, and the Isla is being compared to the Ark.. The ship that contains all life... well well.

Last Guests

And so it comes to an end. For now at least. Yesterday we had our last visitors in Esmeralda.he architect Carel Weeber and daughter Nina. They were well impressed, with the building. And appreciated the  installation.

Best moment were the wild women that came to visit!

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doing Xmas time....

On Curaçao Robbie's lottery is one of the biggest gambling offices. Robbie dos Santos is now under suspicion of tax fraude. His brother, Jamaloodin is currently in custody for beating and kidnapping his wife. Both of them had important positions in the Gerrit Schotte government in 2014. You can be a multimillionaire but it just goes to show: Some times you win, some times you lose.


In shoppingmall Zuikertuintje the ambiance is all cosy & Xmassy

  • Christmas spirit

  • in the Hypermarket

LAST WEEKS of the year

x-mas car

Here everything is in Christmas mode: houses are freshly painted. Lights put outside. People are wearing Christmas hats. Even cars don antlers.... You can feel everybody breathing out, letting go, relax! The only stress are the things to be baked, cooked and bought. But even that is now happening at a slower pace. Curacao is on holiday... And to be honest: so are we..

and now: relax!


Everybody was well impressed and some even moved by the presentation last night in IBB building Esmeralda. Students gave a short resume about their contributions to the procession. Bart and Klaar had a short statement about their stay: great!

The audience was invited to browse around and enjoy themselves. Which they did. The one minutes movie was praised unanimously. Some even suggested to enter it in the Curacao film festival. Great suggestion!

Special thanks to Alexander and Saiviretty who looked amazing. One the tall elegant brunette and the other a charming payasa...

  • procession in WIllemstad

    Great! Lots of compliments, surprise and awe. And the students were brilliant. A success. We were proud to work with you!

Dutch role climate summit & ISLA

ISLA by night

A very prestiguous role for the Dutch on the world climate summit. They have introduced the word 'climate neutral' for the concept agreement text. The term is accepted.

The Dutch didn't agree on the 1,5 degree temperature rise, which scientist say would give a better chance of low lying or coastal states. The Dutch have confidence in their dikes and waterworks.

ISLA has, concurrently with the climateconference, announced that there is lots of interest for the renovation of the refinerey. No less than 16 companies are interested in getting the contract. This renovation will moderrnize the 100 year old refinery and bring it up to standard.

What exact standard? The emission limits the renewed refinery will have to comply with are not clear. There have been legal battles over the outcome of investigations between ISLA and inhabitants of the adjoining neighborhood. They complain about health problems.  It doesn't look like there is going to be an agreement soon.

Neither has there been a public debate about the future of the state owned refinery. Due date for the next 20 year contract is 2019, allthough there is a clause that in 2017 the intentions of the ISLA must be made clear.

How climate agreements and ISLA agreement fall into line is also unclear. One woulld say: Double Dutch.

The last weeks

sketch of procession

December 16th, presentation day is coming close. Next Monday we'll do the procession with the objecct we made with the students. Everybody is excited. It is a nice way to bring art in the public space. In line with the tradition of carnival.

Ofcourse the objects that will be carried in the procession and the stories they represent are more or less abstract and not immediately clear to passers by. The question is if we should inform the public by means of flyers, or should we let art be art?

How does art work in the best way? Is it by suggestion of meaning and the free interpretation of the viewer. Or should it be understood in the right way?

For now we are undecided. But as we have invited the press, we will make a short statement. Because there is a difference between free interpretation by private individuals and published free interpretation.




22.12.2015 14:06


ho ho ho merry xmas indeed! Dat ziet er feestelijk uit.

21.12.2015 04:29


Ben zó trots op de processie en de werken in de Esmeralda heeft zeker indruk gemaakt (op mij in ieder geval). Misschien kunnen jullie die One Minute Sculpture video sturen naar Ashley Mauricia? (tv)

19.12.2015 16:46


Ziet er goed uit, gefeliciteerd! XX

18.12.2015 13:41

Karolien Helweg en Ruben La Cruz

Gefeliciteerd Bart en Klaar!!!