3 week visit

We are here on a three week visit. It is great to be back.

After our adventures in Suriname we couldn't leave South America without going to Lima. Allready we have been seeing many old friends and we have been visiting many places.

We are picking up things where we left them last year.

The plans for now are to give a few classes on Catolica University and Bellas Artes and to make a workshop "El Pueblo es el planner #3". As well we will see if we can make another cebra with the Colectivo.

We'll keep you posted.

We have had another great meeting with our friend Jorge Villacorta (scientist/ curator). He is sharp and very gentle.
Keywords: Peruvian identity/ citizenship. first level vs next level, Montesinos family, colonialism and its long shadows...

Team Barranco-Sonene. To be continued....

There is a very active familly present in town.

News of the day....
Fujimori is back!? No, he was never gone. He IS the system.

Chacalon y Nataly.

impression of our workshop in the garden of Casa Tupac in Barranco, Lima: El Pueblo es el planner #3. To the left is Giuseppe making a summary of all the idea's/ thoughts and work we have done. It was good. We would like to continue more like these diagnostic participatory workshops with experts from the arts, social- and environmental studies, economy and design. There is more to come...

El Pueblo es el planner #3. Concentrated work on a diagnostic map of a nearby square we have been carefully disected.

Collective map making, a diagnosis of a neighbourhood. The work was established with about 15 experts/ neighbours/ . A morning of Participatory Action Research (PAR) and personal experience accumulated into a layered map.

Invitation to our upcoming workshop in Barranco. El Pueblo es el planner (people are the planner).

Very very strange and disturbing poster about a man that used to be an homesexual. Peru is very homophobic,....

Public sculpture of two jaguars with a half-moon. location: roundabout in Puerto Maldonado.

Transport in Puerto Maldonado. All traffic has two wheels...

Making a trip with our friend Pablo, a Barrio Mio member, to Huaycan. He showed us new projects like this stairway made by the team. Beautiful broad stairs with landings that functions as public spaces. Nice detail: the steps are numbered so they can serve as an address. Compliments!

Green areas planted by the inhabitants of Huaycan. On the other side of the stairs reservations for other neighbors have been made. Water is carried up by a long line of people with buckets. But word has it a proper water tank will be installed by the municipality of Lima. Great!

Wall invading street. Cajamarca street in Barranco has added more new artwork. Reclaiming the street and creating their own reality....

preparing for our workshop The People are the Planner 3. The workshop will be about becoming the author of your reality again. The meeting with our dear Guiseppe involved an Avocado, nature, butter, the state, and Jam: international corporations. They co-exist but cannot meet without changing. Makes sense?

Great class at PUPC Chorillos with Teacher Alberto Demarini. His aim is to have more 'design thinking' in citymaking. We gave a lecture on our work (position and attitude) and did a mini taller. How to percieve problems and don't jump toward solutions, but first enjoy the problem.
The students picked up on it immediately! Thank you Alberto for inviting us!!

4 out of 5 traffic deaths are pedestrians. We are planning a new cebra right now..