This soldier has a great dress.

education on breastfeeding.

Today we have had a meeting with Kapitein Mesac from the village of Ricanau Mofo. He was one of the youngest Kapiteins to give a new dynamic to the somewhat conservative fashion of traditional power structures and ingrained patterns. To the right is our guide and driver Abessa.

We read the sign and prepare for traveling to the hearings. The hearings are organised in a process of de-centralization. We are very curious to observe this process and see local politics in action. And we get to see many different places in the district.
A good experience as a start!

The hearings are held in the district of Marrowijne. All of the traveling is done in a Korjaal, a boat made out of a tree and powered by a Yamaha. On our first big trip we suffered from an outboard-engine breakdown in the middle of the big Marrowijne river. We got assistance from the army.

Here we are at the hearing (hoorzitting) in the village of Adjoema. To the left is the chairman of the resort council. Next to him is the kapitein standing, the local authority. To the right is the moderator (MC) of the meeting.

The hearing in Patamaca at Soke. The meeting lasted for two hours. Many problems were adressed by concerned residents of surrounding villages. What will happen with their concerns and complaints??

In the last village of Patamaca after the hearing i wondered around and found myself in a japanese garden, although it is a marroon village. The everyday life and esthetics please the eye.
It feels like a poor village with a rich culture.

Mural in Paramaribo seen from the bus.

Good Slogan!

Open, available here!

Mural in Paramaribo.

To keep an eye on the street.

Wendy' s restaurant in Snesikondre.

Bart holding Jonathans parrot. We were both curious and afraid of each other.

To young to die, a grave for a biker in Moengo.

Paramaribo, wednesday end of februari. On a bright morning we went to Nola Hatterman Institute (art academy) and gave a lecture on our work and attitude. It was a group of about sixteen artist, colleagues and students. Good questions made a vivid discussion. To be continued....

The river is everything we have discovered. It is the highway, the source of life, freshwater, Industrial area, the bathroom, entertainment, a social space. Almost all villages we have visited are directed to the water, a nearby stream or river. Water is life.

A local bootsman (captain) showing his Pagaai or Peddle. He brings local farmers from Moengo to their kostgrondje, a name for agricultural fields.

A Marroon girl fishing in the river. She went home with a big fish!

Drying laundry on a rock in the river.

Doing the dishes.

A Boat with a theme: Monie na Basie!