net as collective body


CONCEPT: re-thinking public space

We noticed that the In Lima concept of togetherness, of belonging and sameness is very problematic. We thought the net to be the perfect tool for the experiencing the sensation of a collective body.

Armed with 5 kilo's of rubber bands we started inviting people by giving them a handfull to join us and help with creating the net. Most of them did. Many of them asked for more. 

When the rubber bands finished we started to move and play with the net. As a toy, as a place maker, for catching. 

Stages: inviting people, construction, testing, moving, discovering, using, and remembering.

  • inviting

  • constructing

  • testing

  • moving

  • discovering

  • using

  • remembering

catching cars

  • Lygia Clark, 1975

    The Net is originally a work from Lygia Clark. The Brazilian artist who believed for understanding the body was as important as the brain. Coming from a psycho analytical background she was trying to invoke memories of the collective body. Out of curiosity we re-used the net and were impressed. It is a powerful tool. We have been using it ever since.

  • nostalgia do cuerpo

    The net is made of rubber bands tied together. It's very versatile. It can be used for coming together, playing, immediate architecture and as a sensory amplifier