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19. okt, 2013

urban trends

Like to stay on topic?
this is what's up according to bmwLab.

Don't worry if you get tired just by reading all the things you could/should be doing. We don't think it is a to do list. More a 'what to organize our next public debate around ' list. More or less what the Vogue september issue is for fashionistas.
Still like to do something participatory today? Buy one more and give the extra item to someone you think needs it and enjoy together...


28. sep, 2013

Our thoughts on Freezone planning.

Look at our recent thoughts about freezone planning, the case of NDSM.

24. sep, 2013

interested in commons?

check out this interesting link with loads of information on all kinds of ways of working together:


16. sep, 2013

public talk about Lima

A second talk about Lima.
We will adress some of our experiences and put them in a european perspective. 29th of september at 15.00 hrs at NDSM, be there or be square!

8. sep, 2013

Breaking News

This is a brief update on recent activities in barranco, Lima.
The results and impact of the workshops EL PUEBLO ES EL PLANNER continue to surprise us. The groups keep on working and delivering astonishing work!
We are truly proud and very happy! Keep up the good work, Guys.

23. jul, 2013

update on our attendance of good symposium

Interesting symposium and network of Free spaces from all over the world. check it out!!

23. jun, 2013

new work

check out new projects

23. jun, 2013

presentation Lima

presentation of our projects in Lima.
Saturday 29th of june NDSM wharf, 15.00

21. jun, 2013

Our recent movement/ new work

New works are developed in Holland with our exeriences from Lima.
Check out these two activities this weekend.

10. jun, 2013

more naked bikerides.....

This week was a good week for the cyclists in mexico city. Check out this well organised protest to reclaim the streets.

1. jun, 2013

invasion civica in Istanbul

Claiming back public space is contagious. Here is how they do it in Istanbul, where a park will be changed into a shopping center. Or not, according to thousands of protesters...

31. mei, 2013

money the planner

back in Amsterdam we have a hard time adjusting. Although we discovered planning in Amsterdam can have striking similaraties to no planning in Lima.
Feels very familiar!

22. mei, 2013

Citizens architecture

Great link to a documentary on an architect for the people!

22. mei, 2013

Youtube link: the making of an illegal street painting

This documentary reveals the somewhat chaotic and very energizing proces of a colectivo Cebra making an illegal zebracrossing in the streets of Lima. Police were watching but they thought it was just an innocent performance, it was of course.... but it was real roadpaint!!

21. mei, 2013

Free outdoor cinema

In our residency we have had the opportunity to organise a Free outdoor cinema night, about identity and Peru. we have selected some movies together with Michelle Borda, who is a nextdoor neighbour of casa Tupac. Check the great movies for free on the net! See list with three links.

21. mei, 2013

Temporarily public space

Initiative with balls!

21. mei, 2013

Who is afraid of public space...?

Little clip of an encounter with the thieves of this public space.
Sometimes it is good to seek confrontation to be sure they know it is serious!
For educational purposes only.

20. mei, 2013

tips for placemaking

We are working with different topics like active citizenship and public space. The word 'Placemaking' we do not use, we put our emphasis more on 'community' and local people. Many people are active in the public domain. This website has good tips on placemaking. check it out!

19. mei, 2013

Visit Museo Larco

We have been visiting Museo Larco on our last day. Very impressive collection and
probably the best museum in Peru. check the photo's.

18. mei, 2013

Results in a random order.

It is time to make up our minds. We have returned to Amsterdam with pain in our hearts. So here are some highlights of the past four months.

18. mei, 2013

Aldo, lost and found.

We have been to Previ to study the architecture and the constant change due to the limanean attitude of constant improvement of the house. We finally have found the public playground by Aldo van Eijck. It needs al lot of love...

10. mei, 2013

Save the last dance for me

Our residence is about to end. We will show and share our experience with all people we have been able to meet, the many participants in our workshops. One group that made a collaborative work with us which we are really proud of. The hospitatlity of the Tupac family, the italian blood of Giuseppe, ... To many things to mention in words,... On Monday 13th of May at 7.30 pm we will have our last public performance/ lecture involving everybody we have worked with. It is an open studio. Be there or be square!

10. mei, 2013

Invasion Poetica

Invasion Civica was a succes. The topic of the disappearing public spaces is on the political agenda, finally... Tomorrow we have a followup, we' ll make another public appearence on the ' stolen' land. With poetry and inspiration we make a soft program so the space will be used in other ways. The ancient view and the beautiful input of local poets bring some joy in the place!

8. mei, 2013

public or private?

saw our invasion civica? Here's the sequel!

6. mei, 2013

traffic is murder

Want to know why we are messing with zebra's?? Look and learn...

6. mei, 2013

Dance the night away.

The 'noche en blanco', white night, is dedicated to culture. Traffic stops and the streets of Barranco are reclaimed by the people. Watch us move to the rhythm..

5. mei, 2013

Illegal painting for public safety.

Cebra Colectivo proudly presents to the people: An Artistic approach to focus on a problem in a very problematic street and to add beauty in a place of pain. The street 28Juli is a tough street for pedestrians. Today there is good news, check the image!

2. mei, 2013

2 links to facebook pages

To finalize our residency we are working with many people. It is cooperative working so we have loose work relations with a variety of creative people and critical thinkers. To make sure it continues after we go, we work on building a community from the energy and the good initiatives. check the pages, they give an inside in the kitchen....

1. mei, 2013

ivasion civica, the movie

See how Martin Lichtenegger made a cool movie about last saturdays event!

1. mei, 2013

Dutch heritage celebrated

at the embassy of Holland the queensday was celebrated with a nice mix of Peruvian and Dutch culture. A little sample of our Dutch culture..

28. apr, 2013

Learning by doing

Asking questions about public space, not in a classroom or in a magazine, but to have confrontation with a special police unit. That is urbanism at streetlevel!

28. apr, 2013

Lima, the violent

Live and shocking. The image of Lima, city of thieves is sometimes painfully acurate...

28. apr, 2013

een eikel is ook een burger

De lange adem van het kolonialisme...

28. apr, 2013


Can you change people's behaviour. What do sociologist think? Sounds from the back of the car.

28. apr, 2013

What was this Invasion Civica like??

It's called Invasion Civica, a civil invasion, because it is claiming back public space that is under threat of being stolen for personal gain. Yesterday we have done our first 'Invasion Civica'... Why did we do this and is it something that will be repeated!?? It sounds nice but did it work?
check it out...

28. apr, 2013

link to FB page on Invasion Civica

That was a good day, yesterday our Invasion Civica really worked. The guy who is stealing the land took it really serious. Also the police and a special squat that came to clear the space. After some phonecalls, it was established. The land was public space, so the police walked out and we were staying. With mucic and dance we celebrated!

24. apr, 2013

Looking at Lima

Our work in the suburbs make us look very different at the megapolis Lima. We posted an image to illustrate this, a night image of the megapolis with thousands lights.

23. apr, 2013

Fresh invasions

Newly built 'spontaneous' housing is part of project development in rural Lima.
We think it is romantic and see Spontaneity and selforganisation,... in a mean while someone is making a buck by putting a DIY kit up and cashing twice the investment from a newly arrived family coming from the Andes.

21. apr, 2013

the right culture

Is culture something that occurs naturally, or is it proces that needs to be steered. Questions on the '' right way'to do things.

21. apr, 2013

doggy with big boobs

How to be a woman and not a dog. Modern women in old style Peru..

21. apr, 2013

marathon man

Our friend Henry Ledgar has an interesting and different take on the news. Read his angle on the boston bombings.

20. apr, 2013

work and play

working here is an adventure

20. apr, 2013

rice and televisions

all in consuming, new to us..

19. apr, 2013

small business? No problem

everybody is fitted out just nicely here.

12. apr, 2013

how to read road rage?

what's up with the attempts on pedestrians? An analysis of the peculiar traffic culture here.

12. apr, 2013

happy potatoe people

Peru, land of the 'papa'. Not only a joy to eat them, they also look a happy crowd..

12. apr, 2013

how to work

a short text on how to live when you don't want to be a consumer.

Previes entries

30. mrt, 2013

my people.....

All together as one. It happened in Lima cathedral.

30. mrt, 2013

Holiday for some, workday for others....

Street workers asking for compasion. Its a job...

30. mrt, 2013

viernes santo

Holy week has its culmination in Peru on friday. Processions in the streets, full churches...

30. mrt, 2013


Artfully crafted palmleaves serve as relic the rest of the year.

26. mrt, 2013

Peru has no big novel

A thoughtprovoking quote by. Victor Vich on what a good book can do for you.
Extract from the report of the seminar Lima and public Space

26. mrt, 2013

The right to suffering

The poor have it easy.... An interesting conversation and a not so happy ending. Why Lima is an accident waiting to happen.

26. mrt, 2013

lecture on PUCP

We are invited to give a lecture on the University.
What are we going to tell them?
Read the synopsis here.

26. mrt, 2013

Hide and Seek

Today politics are not what they seem. Or are they?

26. mrt, 2013


Peru -Chile 1-0!
Is football as telling a game as it is in Holland?

21. mrt, 2013

Bittersweet Victory

The outcome of the revocatoria (recall)

21. mrt, 2013


and now... nothing?

21. mrt, 2013

Paso a Paso

Project proposal for the public space in a self made neighbourhood. Barrio Mio

21. mrt, 2013

See it yourself

No reading nation, voting and army, green or not?