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WE & IBB & Curaçao

Sharing your specific expertise is an important part of the residency in Curaçao. We will concentrate on citizenship and public space. Curaçao as a country is part of the Dutch kingdom and as a former colony the concept of 'common good 'has been long neglected. Only in 1948 every person of age was allowed to vote. Before that literacy, social position and income were a factor to deny or grant the right to vote.
The concept Yu de Kórsou, child of Curaçao plays an important role on the island. It literally means that you were born here. But it also has the connotation of being a 'real' Curaçaoan. On an island with so much tourism, illegal workers and people that come to settle here a confusing concept.
For us, being the descendants of the coloniser that brought the enslaved here what we are or should be is also a challenging question. Are we deemed to shut up or can there be a mutual understanding?
That is why our focus for both students and education will be on the 'WE'. We will use both our experience in the Netherlands as in Suriname and Lima. It'll be a bumpy but interesting ride!


Curacao: seminar IBB

IBB & Bart & Klaar


13.11.2015 19:26


Part of the Netherlands or part of the Dutch Kingdom? For us here, a crucial difference.