Making an Installation & performing in public space

The next two weeks will be dedicated to working on the making of the installation for the presentation of  Bart en Klaar coming 16 december.

All the students of all years are invited to join us. The idea is that the final presentation will be a joined effort of both students and artists. Firstly because we have come to like and appreciate you! But also because it will offer you the opportunity to experience more things about the art practice. Because not only we wil lmake an installation. We will first do a procession with the objects that are part of the installation in Punda.

One part of Essmeralde will be specially dedicated to the projects we did with you and hw we worked together. In short: You will be the stars of the show.

  • banner isal

  • banner koló

  • single double standard

  • Maracaibo

  • miss Curacao

  • fine finance

What is the installation?

The installation will consist of different layers of information. Just as in the Moengo installation we made earlier this year. In the end result it will feel like a complete thing. But when you take it apart each part has its own story. You will learn about the story of your own project and learn the stories of the others. In the end you will be able to give a tour to the guests on the opening night in Esmeralda.

The different layers:

1, floor: point zero.
2 table: single double standard
3 banner ISLA
4 Banner Maracaibo's revenge
5 right color
6 the theatre of politics
7 good fortune
8 miss Curacao

  • theatre of politics


We will work in teams. Every team will work on a specific layer.
In the team there will be different roles:
Teamleader, keeps people going, oversees project, reports to B&K
Makers: concentrate on making the object
And the extra task of Reporter: takes pictures/notes of proces
Decisionprocess is joined effert. You will take them together.
If there is a conflict or you are uncertain: ask B&K

The team keeps in contact through TRELLO. This is a simple tool for project management and is an App. Instruction on Monday 30 th.

work this week

Monday 30th the teams will be formed and get their instructions.
You will get designs & materials from B&K
You will make a special workspace where you can work with together.
Everybody will set up a TRELLO account to keep track of your project.
We will have a daily meet & greet at 17.00 hr to inform eachother how things are going. As well every team will share the background information on their project.

You will have the back-up from the teachers!

program 30 nov -16 dec

Coming week 1, from 30 nov to 4 dec we will work on the fysical parts of the installation.

In week 2, 6 - 11 dec,  we will go outside: prepare everything for the show in Esmeralda. We will practise and perform the procession with the finished objects.

As well we will do the recording of all your 1 minutes in the one minute sculpture museum.

30 nov: 11 hr WHite space. Making teams and assigning work spaces. 16.00 hr Tour Esmeralda. Introduction projec TRELLO

1 dec: starting work on objects. 17.00 meet up  in White space




keep track!

An important thing to learn is how to use a project planner. This helps you stay connected and do things even when you are not on IBB. For example: bringing things with you. Shop for things. See what has happened.Or simply prepare. So follow your own project on TRELLO.
If you have any bright moments? Post id-eas on the Ideas board
As well. Look on website  for daily updates.
We will meet up every day. To talk, present information to each other and get general information of a inspirational lecture. Normally it will happen at 17.00 hr. SOmetimes earlier if there is a special occasion.
But as well: Talk to eachother.
The designs of the objects are on the wall of fame.