Buildingsite audience.
Big construction-works attracts attention from a specific type of man. Here at river Rimac the bridge is a perfect balcony on the show. The current mayor made mistakes in calculations of the works. So the whole day people are speculating about the progress and quality of the so called 'Obras'....
And it is always very soothing to look at other people working...

In Barrio Chino there used to be a big convent. Today you can still find it but it has been refurbished into a shoppingmall. Among the happy consumers we found an echo from the past. A nun was walking in the arched hallways. Not with a bible though.... with a shoppingbag.

'Cultural heritage policy' in action.
Gravity is the judge. There is hardly any protection on historic/ traditional buildings outside the citycentre. If it is gone, there is room for the new! Later there will be appartements like the concrete building on the right hand side. It is a matter of months....with the police as a witness.

Supermarkt in historic context.
In Rimac the closed down theater is converted into a chain store Metro (AH of south-america) . What used to be the backdrop for a shakespeare play is now a decor for yogurt, juice and cookies. You do not have to buy the tikcet to the show, Today you are the show.

In the chinese quearter (barrio Chino) people are creative. This man is while lying on his back surfing on a board with wheels, pushing himself with his left foot. He is selling insense and showing his troubled skin, hoping for an extra Solcita (1 Sol=30 euroct).

Adopt a balkony.
In many countries you adopt childeren but here you can adopt somebody else's balcony. It is needing love and attention from new parents. The people that are living in the houses, here in Rimac inherited the property through their great-grandparents, but without official contracts. If you live somewhere for more then 20 years and nobody claims the house, it will be yours for the law. Since maintenance is not peruvian word, the wooden structures hanging from the buidlings sometimes come down,... So it is not only for aesthetic reasons...

young people singing quite beautifully saturday morning at 7.

Altar de Jesus in Barranco. Except for the carriers very few people joined the procession. Barranco is artistic, not religious.

holiday for some, work for many. Streetvendors sell religious memorabilia, booklets, caps, umbrellas, palmleaves, holy wood, food and rosarys.

from 6 o clock in the morning till 12 o clock at night: Live processions

voting in Lima. Voting is obligatory. If you don't vote, you get a fine. You are, with 200 co-voters, assigned to a 'table'. This 'table 'has 3 hosts, also civilians. They explain how to vote and count the votes afterwards. Being a host is also obligatory. If you don't show up you get a fine. But worse. If none of the hosts show up the 'table fails". No one assigned to that table can vote. 200 votes are lost. This happened in 5 % of the tables.

something wonderfull. You wear it around the waist during celebrations. Made of brightly coloured alpaca wool. Love it.

TENEMOS PAPA! we have a pope.

Double function. Active use of sidewalk.

SEXY WORK "dream about them all day, have them all night"

Plan this! Fascinating use of space. Beautiful example of organic architecture being able to deal with the cycle of a life. It is flexible and changes with seasons and new family members.

young people campaigning: NO talk, but drums & dance. Here a genuine 'polonaise'. We get the Dutchie Vibe and join immediatley.

Present at the last evening of the No campaign on Plaza San Martin